Search Engine Marketing

Helping Businesses Leverage Online Opportunities through Search Engine Marketing

We at Inventive Networks believe that the key to online success often lies in a brand’s ability to connect itself where the consumer needs it the most.

By helping businesses across industries recognize opportunities and maximize them,we help implement robust Search Engine Marketing strategies that work – effectively and efficiently.

Catering to the Evolving Digital Environment:

Since the advent of digital marketing, we have watched the market closely and seen it evolve leaps and bounds. Today, the primary focus of every SEM strategy must involve catering to audiences on mobile and on social media. With expertise that has been in the industry right from the beginning, we deliver the perfect mix between decades of cumulative experience and access to the future trends in SEM.

Helping Brands Master Paid Search:

Over the years, we have consistently been involved in overseeing SEM budgets for brands across industries, around the world. Our clients seek results and we make it our priority to deliver them. By keeping track of all the new products being introduced on Google and popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, we make sure that each one of our brands gets a head-start in the SEM game. Our key strength here lies in our dedicated team for analytics who are equipped to work with big data and identify new opportunities for your business.

A Comprehensive Approach to Search Engine Marketing:

To make sure that your SEM efforts bring in the results you desire, we take a rather holistic approach and work together with your SEO strategies by employing methods of cross-channel reporting for actionable insights.

By keeping constant track on a brand’s SEO rankings, we make relevant SEM bidding adjustments to help the brand grow and improve its online prospects. For more information on our SEM offerings, write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Social Media Optimization

Get Social! Build Relationships!

Marketing has become so much more than one-way communication.

With the growth of social media, an increasing number of brands are finding value in opening conversations with online audiences, understanding their needs first hand and engaging them with the right content and/or information – all at the right place and the right time.

At Inventive Networks, it is our personal belief that the right social media approach for brands is to do more than just talk. We help our clients learn the importance of listening to what their audience is saying and subsequently assist them in finding ways to deliver value.

Sparking Conversations that Develop Strong Relationships:

By encouraging conversations in the right direction, our social media strategy revolves around investing significant effort towards understanding the behaviour, desires and perceptions of our clients. We optimize these insights to develop one-of-a-kind strategies that help create a unique personality for your brand your customers resonate with.

Using these insights as a stepping stone to creating and sharing highly relevant content across various social platforms, we work towards making your brand a one that talks to the one that everyone talks about.

Setting New Trends and Becoming Early Adopters:

Yesterday’s online quizzes are today’s memes and tomorrow’s viral videos. Our social media experts are constantly tracking existing and upcoming trends in social media content strategies to make sure that the brands we work with are able to adopt the wave well in advance and be perceived as a trendsetter.

Some of our Key Services under Social Media Optimization Include –:

  • Social Strategy Development.
  • Social Listening and Analytics
  • Social Crisis Planning and Management
  • Community management.
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Development and Dissemination
  • Social Media Measurement
  • Generating Customized Partnerships

Online Reputation Management

For a business, its reputation is everything.

With trust playing a significant role in defining the line of success for even the most established global brands, we help businesses make sure your brand experiences positive mentions. And on the internet, especially on social media it is protected against any form of negative perceptions and brand associations.

Online Reputation Management Services:

Whether or not your business is currently fighting negative reviews online, backlash from unsatisfied customers or competition that is ardent on throwing mud at your direction, our expertise takes a highly proactive approach towards relationship building and reputation management. With the help of a robust reputation monitoring software, our experts are constantly tracking all direct as well as indirect mentions about your business to make sure that your reputation is in check.

Unparalleled Strategy Development Expertise:

By developing customized strategies, we are able to diplomatically handle disgruntled customers, unsatisfied employees and unethical competitors. By being as discrete as possible, we make sure that our measures are highly effective.

What Sets us Apart –

  • Professional Writing Talent

     Our ORM strategies are all backed by highly professional writing talent that make sure that all the articles are linked back to reliable authors and professionals that instil reliability and trust.
  • A Vast Network

     With a vast network of clients and professionals, we come with unparalleled experience across a host of industry segments and geographical markets around the world.
  • Power to Control Search Results

    Our team lays significant impetus on controlling your search results. By this, we are able to help you create websites for your campaign that help you achieve the top 20 ranking on SERPs. By editing content, adding content and taking a proactive approach to reputation management, we make sure that your audience perceives you in the right light.

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