Traffic Generation Techniques

Traffic Generation Techniques

Website or Blog are just a 10% of you of the business, rest 90% is through promoting or marketing your business across the globe, End of the day traffic is what it creates the reputation of the company and traffic generates business through the website. As an entrepreneur, you need to keep in mind that you maintain a balance between organic search engine traffic and other money paid generated traffic in order to get the extraordinary results from both the worlds.

It is very essential to do on-page SEO, create interlinking of pages, external links, genuine white hat SEO technique to generate traffic and social media campaign. There are various techniques followed by webmasters to promote the website online and drive an adequate traffic to promote the website online and drive an adequate traffic to the web portal. For further precise or unique the keyword to your website, the more acceptable these techniques will be impressive. Here are the top free or low-cost traffic generation techniques.

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Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization (Organic SEO) is the method used by all major SEO Experts all over the globe to obtain a high ranking on the search engine results page, it’s an unpaid service offered by search engines using Google algorithm. Actually, it will be a very crucial process for bringing your website on the first page as it will take minimum 3-5 months. The various process needs to follow for better ranking of the website by boosting keywords, linking building of the website, directory listing of the website, back linking for the website, blog and article posting and writing high-quality content to improve your website page ranking.


Organic SEO can be accomplished by.

  • Optimizing the web pages with compatible web content.
  • Thriving links pointing to the content
  • Adding relevant keywords, Description, Incorporating meta tags and other types of tag attributes.
  • Cost effective when evaluated between organic Seo and pay per click ( Paid listing )
  • High-Quality Links can help your business website to reach the top in the organic search results.
  • On-Page Optimization for better ranking well in the Search Engines.

    Traffic Generation Techniques

Link Building

Link building (link-building) is an off page optimization or off page SEO techniques, creating external page links on other websites. Link building is extensively known for acquiring hyperlinks from numerous websites to your own web portal. A hyperlink is a small HTML code or web page URL linked to the website and added to other websites to navigate between the pages of the internet.

All the search engines like google, Bing, yahoo,, Baidu and they have a unique algorithm that crawls websites by pages and link attached to the site over the web, and they crawl the links of each individual pages of the websites through links between the web pages. The main things to keep in mind during the creation of link building is to write a short code with anchor text to tell search engines to brand the website with following and no follow links.

Traffic Generation Techniques

The hyperlink will indicate where the link is pointing, it always does not point to a web page it can be an image or files that can be downloaded. A Text message with a keyword is preferable signaling users to click on the link and visit to the respective page. Finally an end of the link tag for the search engines.

Blogs generate more visitor to any website, comments on blogs generates creates more links for the website, as google does think what comments is showcased on the blog but it mainly crawls the pages with links in comments and trust them and so Google’s algorithm will begin to trust your website. You need to choose blogger or blog sites based on the keywords and business for link building strategies, Bloggers and webmasters are always requested to visit the blogs once in a month for following genuinely commenting on posts.

Social Media Networks and Bookmarking Sites

Once an article or web pages is posted on the web, the webmaster should create awareness about the article and it is mandatory to publish the article links to social media websites, ask your friends to hit a like and share the post as it can reach more audiences. Make sure that the posts are shared on social media groups as it can reach thousands of users across the globe. Social Bookmarking sites generate more traffic to the websites, booking markings promote the websites by targeting the users via referral program.


High Definition Images   

High-resolution images make your website look more sophisticated and clean, Images with keywords and good content can generate 20% of hits on the website. Based on recent survey more traffic of the website is achieved through images used on blogs, social media’s and image sharing websites.

Ping Website URL

It’s an online tool where you are subjected to submit you website URL to several search engines, communities, content aggregators, directories, and some other places. All you need URL pinging websites, enter the website URL based on the pages click on ping or submit button. Using Ping sites you can list all your services so that google search can create dozens of lists.

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