Based on the latest Survey done by the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s with the help of  Online Masters in Information Science Systems,Masters predicts that this is the new era of smartphones whereas in 2016 there are billion smartphones sold across the globe. Survey says that 77 Billion Dollar profit is earned through mobile app development in the coming year 2017. Briefly explained below.

Recently GSM Association Mobile Economy has released the revenue details generated in 2015, the amount was enormous and the amount reached to 1 trillion dollars as earlier predicted for 2017 of 77 billion dollars.worlds famous economists expect say that within 2020, profit earned through Mobile Application Development will cross as much as 3.9 trillion dollars.

4G plays a biggest contribution role of generating trillions of dollars in more than 150 countries.with faster connectivity from every where,consumer’s ability makes it vital in purchase of an app. People use faster, easier and secure money transfer with mobile banking and e-money helps in hand for consumers to download as many as they can.Recent Survey conducted in June 2016 says that there are 2.2 million apps were developed and uploaded on google play store.the upload of mobile app is increased day by day and its steadily growing too.Only in Apple App Store there are more than 2 million APPS uploaded so far and they upload minimum 1000 apps per day.there is a huge requirement for Mobile App Developers as its a pretty easy money making Business.

Many People think that most of the people download gaming apps but Apple revealed that the highest download of app downloaded from google play store is Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook in free applications category and Heads Up! in mobile app world! they remain the top position in of paid applications. Highest level concern is in maintaining the privacy of an individual, All policymakers are encouraged to target on these issues.It may consume a long while to achieve but as it should not compromise the protection of a consumer in terms of smart phone usage. Economy is growing with the social media interaction at an enjoyable level.

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