Electronic commerce is also know by E-commerce or eCommerce and the history of Selling and Buying Products through online was started in the year 1991 when the internet services was widened for commercial uses. since from the year 1991 lakhs and millions of vendors opted online Electronic commerce for their businesses. The new era of Ecommerce was began in the 1994 with high security protocols which allowed the users a rapid access to internet. later in 2000 more and more business companies started showing interest over eCommerce with representing their services in the World Wide Web.E-commerce websites recently become even more secured – the most innovative issue is the online video identification and account verification. If you still don’t know what video identification is, read more about that on Fully-Verified website.

Electronic Ecommerce is also used for other services and technologies for online electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing,inventory management of products and stocks, Mobile commerce, online Internet marketing ,electronic data interchange (EDI) and automated data collection systems. Based on the recent survey conducted in the year 2015, India only has 354 million internet users and they are expected increase up-to 500 million by the end of this year (December 2016). Ecommerce website Development plays a vital role now a days.

The most preferred payment method in India In Cash On Delivery (COD) accumulating 75% of over all sales done through Ecommerce. If you have an Idea for a new retail business you no need to have a storefront, it does mean that you should not have retail stores or the your business ideas work well over online.Need to consider will work best your products whether to sell that through online or on retail store.

Advantages over Physical store

Advantages of Online: you can purchase any products using you credit, debit or online net-banking and need to wait for the products to be delivered on your door steps.

Retails store : Need to have cash to purchase any products, you need to the visit the physical store purchase and return back.

Advantages of Online : you may not need to drive to the physical store to find the products but where you can find that at your fingertips, the only drawback over online store is you many not have the option test the product on your hands, instead of that you can read product reviews, opinions and suggestions of the users and specification of the products.

Retails store : only limited Products based on brand and can be displayed, you can test and feel it.

Advantages of Online : Online sellers sell for lower prices because of not renting of store in a mall, no requirement of sales staff, no high consumption of electricity , no huge investment over advertisement over television. you can invest the same to attract consumer with offering discounts using Promotional codes.

Retails store : You should a store to display your products, spend money on interior and exterior designing to attract customers , hire sales team , accounts team,Maintenance team etc.

Advantages of Online : based on the location you need not to pay sales tax for products, shipping of the products has a different story, even major online store provides free delivery of products and order now.

Retails store : you need to pay the service tax for each and every products purchased on the retail store and you need to pay additional charges for transportation of products some retailer deliver free as complimentary.

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